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Our Story

The Toy Department

The Toy Department was founded February 2018, after four friends realized how much the area lacked the presence of a great toy store, in the spirit of The Earth Toy Mall. Our staff aims to bring the highest quality and largest variety of toys and collectibles around, at prices you have to see in person to believe. To that end, we don't ship any of our stock. Our items are only available for purchase in store- bringing back that old toy store feel we all grew up with.

In spring of 2020, we moved to a larger location in the same shopping center... tripling our footprint & inventory offerings! Then, in 2023, The Toy Department moved again... this time a mile up the road to 5960 Dixie Hwy! In its most recent form, The Toy Department is a premier destination for collecting & nostalgia!

With decades of experience in selling and collecting, we carefully select our offerings and travel around the country to bring the best vintage and modern toys to Cincinnati. If it's the grail needed to complete your collection, a nostalgic trip down memory lane, or that one toy your kid can't live without, The Toy Department has it.


Do you ship?

We do not ship our store stock. Why not? We're a destination store, trying to fill a great store for our customers. It takes 2-3x the man hours to sell & ship an item long distance, and in the process disappoint customers who come in store expecting to find awesome stuff at great prices. If we shipped all of our cool stuff, we would have a lot of the same inventory you find at every other store... and folks would be way less excited to bring items in to trade. There are lots of folks online willing to ship toys, but we're doing something different.

Will you give me a discount if I buy a bunch of stuff?

We're firm on our prices in store. This guarantees that everyone gets the same, fair pricing! We didn't want people to feel like they were paying more than other customers who were smooth talking, buying stuff to resell, or were part of an inner circle. By offering the same pricing to every customer, we keep it as fair as possible for everybody.

How much is my stuff worth?

If you'd like to email us photos, we'll happily let you know if it's something we'd be interested in looking at. We usually prefer to examine the items in person before making offers, so we can make as fair of an offer on the items as possible. However, we do purchase collections of all sizes from all around the world... so just email us with specific questions!

What type of toys do you buy?

We'll look at almost anything! We don't buy- Beanie Babies, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Disney VHS, played with Barbie, or Happy Meal Toys... to mark a few off the list.
That said, the list of what we do buy is much larger- toys, action figures, vehicles, playsets, video games, Pokemon & Magic cards, statues, POPs, and lots of other things! When in doubt, bring it in or send us some photos & we'll happily let you know if it's something we're interested in!

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